About Karen

My name is Karen Power, and I am a Freelance Marketing Consultant and Part-time College Instructor.  My classes include marketing principles, business and marketing management, creating an effective marketing plan, and digital marketing. My students primarily consist of solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and small business owners looking for a better understanding of marketing in order to grow their products and services.

I specialize in “taking the marketing wheel”  for solopreneurs (people who set up and run a business on their own), freeing them up to run other areas of the business like operations and servicing clients.

I have an MBA in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin, and over thirty years of corporate marketing experience. I thrive on seeing a solopreneur’s business take off and meet or exceed expectations.   I spend lots of time with my clients discussing your business vision and mission , & creating achievable goals and objectives.  From there, we work together to build a marketing strategy and annual marketing plan. My services also include monthly or quarterly plan reviews including analytics to ensure your business is on track to meet business goals, and make plan adjustments as needed.  I also work with clients on one-time marketing projects and other small marketing tasks.

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